From idea to execution

      There are many companies offering technical services. Solutions maybe. But we like to think a different.
      Tell us your idea.
      Let us help you along the whole way.
      Business development / Financial plans / Execution planning / Technology stack / Support services
      All of that we can do for your idea to really come alive.
      You can have unlimited number of providers.

        But partners like us? Hard to find.

    Our expertise

    Omniusware 2.0 - Next Generation Application Platform

        Based on the success of an original Omnius platform created previously and by now transitioned to Simplifate programmers, we go where no one else have gone before.
        Fully automated application creation platform.
        No more programmers, coders or analyst needed for translating a business idea into product.
        Anyone should be able to do it.
        Technology should be an enabler. Not an obstacle.

    Blockchain - Foundation Technology for Future

        Transactions, records and contracts are in the core of our current civilization since Ancient Egypt.
        And there has never been a time, when these records were able to keep up to date with the world they tried to govern, being it with decades or weeks delay.
        But blockchain changed this paradigm. As did TCP/IP.
        So we do like to be at the core of this evolution:
        Crypto currencies
        Smart contracts
        Private blockchains
        ICO creation
        Mining operations

    NGGCU – Always Utilized Infrastructure

        Virtualization, Application Defined Data Centers, Cloud and so on. All are hyped, but obsolete at the same time. All are there to provide some kind of service, broadly defined and not lined to their main goal.
        Return of investment.
        Our infrastructure and utility services platform NGGCU is different.
        We decompose infrastructure to components.
        We assign them to the most profitable task at hand.

          And the core question for you?
          If every component and subsystem of your infrastructure is not running on at least 90% utilization, why do you have so many of them?

      Joint ventures & products


      With experts in the blockchain field and reliable smart money investors we have crafted state of the art digital assets exchange. From Idea to realization in less then half a year. Perfect example of a project as we like it. Completelly custom built with trully reliable technology, finance and legal stack.

      Launch planned on 4/2018.

      Mobile Graphical Data Center

      Joint venture project focused on trully unique build of GPU based mobile data centers. From custom HW prototype, through development of new control SW stack with killing deployment schedule.

      Currently 8 MGDC are operational across 5 locations. 11 more are currently in build, 45 more are waiting for final contractual negotiations.

      Upcoming revolution in professional gaming experience for dedicated gamers. Created as a joint venture with major HW sponsors in CEE region as well as professional gamers themselves.

      Launch date to be announced on 5/2018.

      Omnius 1.0

      Obtained by acquisition of licence and technology. Omnius as „Application Transformation & Run“ platform is currently in use by corporate customers in CEE region. At its core, it is a platform for small application consolidation, redesign and upgrade. So you get a new look, better functions, mobile friendly version of what you have. With 43% reduction of TCO in average.

      Available upon request.


      ICO - Renewable energy power producer co-locating mining rigs with existing hydro and solar energy plants of total 80MWp. H2SOL scaling an operations to answer the global call for sustainability in mining. It is a proof that sustainability and profitability in crypto space can go hand in hand. H2SOL want to give back to the H2SOL token holders in form of a cryptodividend.

      Launch planned on 4/2018.

      Mountain Rage

      Custom build mobile game upon investor specification. Objective was a fun gameplay with political campaign lightly embedded Archieved by pre agreed 15k + downloads in Czech Republic.

      Several more similar projects currently in development.


      Jiří Fiala

      CEO & Founder

      Jan Florián


      Adam Fiedler


      David Žákovský


      Jan Hlavatý


      Fabio Melloni

      Omnicore Developer

      Binh Vu

      Omnicore Developer

      Samuel Lachman

      Omnicore Developer

      Milan Eliáš

      Omnicore Developer

      Tomáš Fanta

      Omnicore Developer

      Naděžda Olekšáková


      Kamil Bernášek


      Pavel Čihula


      Martin Novák


      Sami Salama


      Jan Kladívko


      Jan Novák


      Martina Němcová

      Administrative Support

      Jan Fanta

      UX Design Consultant

      Ondřej Paloncy

      UX Design Consultant

      Nikita Chalimendik


      Ondřej Burian


      Roman Tkačina


      Vadym Pakhomov


      Slavomír Košičan


      Ilja Roudný


      Vladimír Šiman


      Stanislav Mlcoch


      Tereza Kloboučková


      Our Journey


      • Simplifate is newly formed company based on several years work proximity of its main participants. We worked together for long time in different companies, we created advanced solutions so why not come together?

      • Based on this decision, in July 2017 we agreed on Simplifate, with legal realization agreed to take place on November 2017.

      • The history of cooperation of most participants runs back to 2014, so it is not a wonder that upon formation new company has 27 members from Day 1.

      Looking forward

      • A large number of blockchain based projects is ahead of us, first half of 2018 should be a lot of fun.

      • Omniusware 2.0. sales and marketing campaigns will start in May 2018.

      • Old reign of confined, unflexible and costly data centers should end. And we will help it.